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Newborn VS 6 months old?

Are you wondering which time is the best time to get your newborn photos?

I don't believe there is any right answer to this! My job is to document with my photography, no matter how many days or months they are.

I define the 'Newborn photography' age up to 10 days old. They are very sleepy, and this allows me to document their size + delicateness. The first few weeks go so quickly... the exhaustion is real, but the high, excitement and energy from these shoots are what make them so special.

As they are mostly sleeping, this allows me to have more control over what + where I am shooting. The growth of your child from the photoshoot to you receiving your photos is mindblowing!

6 months old have much more personality and defined features, as well as being about to interact with you. My photography is dependant around them, where they move or want to be. My favorite part about these shoots is I get to document the way babies interact with their parents. As well as the adorable giggles and little personality quirks.

Here is an example of newborn VS 6 months old photography.

Newborn photoshoot (9 days old)

6 months old

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