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Covid-19 mini Newborn Photoshoot

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt taken us all by shock and dismay. What I do is close contact, intimate and involves babies and children; I was heartbroken but quick to cease all my photoshoots.

A few weeks ago I introduced a new package, Covid Catch-up. This is available to newborn photoshoots only, consisting of a max 30-minute photoshoot at the front of a family's home, allowing me to still document this precious moment in time.

I have to admit... I was a bit nervous before my first covid shoot. Being around people that weren't my husband or dogs was strange. Making sure I was at a safe distance at all times was constantly going through my mind (if you have worked with me before, you know that I can come quite close, and I do love cuddling babies!). BUT, once I started, I felt at ease and back in my groove. I am very happy with how the photos have come out for the few shoots that I have done! Touchwood, the weather has been perfect.

Here are my favourite photographs from a recent covid shoot. I love what I do, so so much. The energy I feel during these shoots, and satisfaction when I get back into my car. Spending time with families that are in such bliss, I truly cannot articulate the experience. It felt so damn good to get back doing what I love.

If you know anybody due in the next few months, please let them know they still have the option to get newborn photos done!

Rozanna x

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