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A message to my past, current + future clients.

During these unprecedented times, I have a message to my past, current & future clients.


 Although we are dealing with a global health crisis and are facing a challenging time in the Australian economy, I am taking all precautionary measures to maintain the safety of my clients and myself, resulting in stopping all portraits.


The last few weeks have been confronting and truly devastating, I am still trying to adjust my businesses (my portraits + agency). It has been heartbreaking for my team and I speaking to our commercial clients; hearing their grief, loss and what the future holds. And even more heartbreaking speaking to my upcoming portrait clients that I will no longer be able to photograph.


I can't describe the anxiety & sadness I feel for my clients that invest their money and emotion in my creativity to document these fleeting moments that never, ever come back.


How you can support my business?

  • If I have photographed you in the past, please feel welcome to leave a review on my Facebook or Google listing.

  • I am still taking deposits, and offering vouchers. Once the crisis settles, these bookings will become a priority.

  • If you know anybody considering my services, encourage them to still make contact so we can discuss their options, once the crisis settles, anybody that has made a deposit or purchased a voucher will be priorities meaning I will not be able to take bookings for a further amount of time. As you know I only take 3 bookings per month. To catch-up, I will get through as many as I can the second we can! And then I will revert back to 3 bookings per month.


During this difficult time for everyone, I remain strong in my belief that we WILL rebuild together with a greater appreciation for life, our health and our community. I look forward to better days ahead where I can celebrate with you and get back to doing what I love – documenting families + creating imagery that forever transports you back to that beautiful moment in your story.

Thank you for your on-going support - See you soon :-)


All my love, Rozanna x

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